Walk-E The 100% intuitive companion


100% intuitive Walk-E prevents falls.

The handles provide stability during the sit to stand transfer.
The speed adapts to the user’s pace: flat ground – uphill – downhill.
The braking is activated automatically.


100% intuitive, Walk-E a vitality and mental asset.

The WHO recommends 30 minutes of sport 5 times a week to prevent bone fragility and improve cognitive faculties.
Walk-E helps you to maintain a muscular strengthening activity by leaning on the verticalizer.
Walk-E encourages you to walk regularly at your own speed.


100% intuitive Walk-E offers you more independence.

The handles accompany you during the sit to stand transfer.
The wheels are motorized and very easy to handle.
The simplicity of use allows you to be independent very quickly, no more need for assistance to go to the toilet or other private places.


100% intuitive, Walk-E is ergonomic.

Easy and fluid walking.
A comfortable seat and backrest to sit on.
Handles to lean on with confidence.
A simple and elegant design.

Frequently asked questions

How can I find information about Walk-E?
Walk-E brochures and specifications are available on our website. You can also ask your medical equipment retailer for information.
Where can I buy Walk-E?
Are you a private user? Contact GEMA directly or ask your medical retailer who can offer you this new equipment.
Are you a medical establishment ?
Contact GEMA directly, our sales team is at your disposal.
How long is the warranty period ?
All our Walk-Es are guaranteed for 2 years. The batteries are guaranteed for 1 year.
Can I rent a Walk-E?
Ask your medical equipment retailer to contact GEMA to offer you this service.
Who provides after-sales service in case of problems?
For technical issues, contact your medical equipment dealer to make the necessary repairs.
Another question?
Contact us

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